Clermont Waste-to-energy (WtE) Services

Redirecting Clermont generated universal waste destine for the landfill and send it to a processing facility so it can be processed into usable positive energy.

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U.S. Customs & Border Protection/ U.S. Department of Justice/ U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs/ U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency/ Stanford University/ and 100's more...

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What is Waste-to-energy?

Waste-to-Energy incineration is the sustainable alternative to Clermont landfills for waste disposal. Waste-to-Energy is not the incineration used in the past. Modern waste-to-energy plants divert municipal solid waste intended for Clermont landfills and using sustainable combustable processes, generate energy that can be used as electricity for homes, businesses or other forms of energy to use in large industries.

Because of the efficient process of eliminating methane from landfills, which NASA scientists have identified as super-emitters of methane (a greenhouse gas that is 84 times more potent as a climate-warming gas than CO₂), WtE is widely considered as our best hope for reducing and reversing greenhouse gases and our adverse contributions to climate change.

Clermont Positive Energy Provider

Hazmat, Inc. is the Clermont, Florida trusted provider of sustainable energy generation and it's part of our Environmental, Social Governance plan. We take universal waste destine to the landfill and redirect it to a processing facility to be processed into usable positive energy.

Although any company can benefit utilizing a waste-to-energy company, large producers of waste can potentially utilize the programs more effectively.

Types of properties and business’s that can benefit from a Waste-to-energy program.

  • Multi-tenant office buildings
  • Retail Centers
  • Large corporations
  • Manufacturing
  • K-12 Schools and Universities
  • Government Facilities
  • Multi-location Franchisees

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