A Few Words About Hazmat, Inc

30+ Years Managing Hazardous Waste Materials

Originally founded in 1988, the Hazmat Brand of Companies (Hazmat) is a multi-discipline professional services firm with hazardous waste services and processing facilities in California, Missouri, and Texas. Over the past 30+ years, Hazmat has been a leader in environmental sustainability, reuse and recycling of solid and liquid wastes. With fully permitted treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDF) in California and Missouri, Hazmat accepts 500 RCRA and over 100 non-RCRA waste codes, which includes numerous industrial hazardous/non-hazardous wastes, universal wastes, e-waste and recyclables. Hazmat employs Chemists, Geologists, Industrial Hygienist, Logistical experts and 100 HAZWOPER certified technicians of various professional backgrounds.

Hazmat’s current operations include the treatment of hazardous waste, transportation of liquids and solids, tank cleaning, confined space entry, certified product destruction, environmental consulting, scheduled services and field project management of remediation and natural disaster projects. Hazmat owns a variety of transportation and service vehicles including roll-off trucks, vacuum tankers, stainless tankers, end dumps, vactors and van body trucks—all strategically located for rapid emergency deployment.

Our Resource Conservation and Recovery Administration (RCRA) TSDF is permitted to treat, store and transfer an extensive list of industrial waste streams, acids, flammables and toxic wastes. Lab pack and de-pack operations, waste minimization, fuel blending, bulking, cylinders, neutralization and aerosol can depressurization operations are performed onsite. Byproducts are recycled locally or prepared according to DOT and permit conditions for reuse as alternative fuels.

Hazmat operates the largest Transportable Treatment Unit (TTU) for soil fixation and bioremediation.

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